Volume 1 ::: 1888 to 1889

No. Article Title Article Author
1 Theosophy and the Churches H.P. Blavatsky
2 Ancient Opinions Upon Psychic Bodies H.P. Blavatsky
The Popular Idea of Soul-Survival H.P. Blavatsky
3 A Synopsis of Baron du Prel's "Philosphie Der Mystik" Bertram Keightley
4 The Theosophical Movement A.P. Sinnett
What is the Theosophical Society? Anonymous
What is True Christianity? Franz Hartmann, M.D.
What Are Theosophists? Anonymous
5 What is Matter and What is Force? K.H.
The New Epidemics Anonymous
6 Re-Incarnation T.B. Harbottle
Divyatchakchus - The "Infinite Perception" of Japanese Esotericism C. Pfounes (OMOIE)
Esoteric Buddhism Charles Johnston, F.T.S.
The Religions of Japan Anonymous
7 Practical Occultism H.P. Blavatsky
Occultism Versus the Occult Arts H.P. Blavatsky
8 Epitome of Theosophical Teachings William Q. Judge
Keely's Secrets: Introduction R. Harte
9 Keely's Secrets - Part 1 Clara J. Bloomfield Moore
Keely's Secrets - Part 2 Clara J. Bloomfield Moore
10 Nature-Spirits or Elementals Nizida (likely Louise Off)
The Difference Between Elementals and Elementaries Nizida (likely Louise Off)
11 The Higher Science William Kingsland
12 Was Jesus a Perfect Man? F.D.
13 The Hebrew Talisman Anonymous (Introduction by Richard Harte)
14 Selflessness Pilgrim (likely William Scott Elliott)
Thelyphthoria - Exploitation of Women Harij (likely J.D. Buck)
The Taro Anonymous
15 Swedenborg Bifrons Anonymous
16 Theosophical Concepts of Evolution and Religion Anonymous
17 Inter-Relation of Supernatural Phenomena J. Brodie Innes
The Ethics of Theosophy Kate Hillard
18 Parabrahm Amaravella (Edward J. Coulomb)