Volume 2 ::: 1889 to 1890

No. Article Title Article Author
1 Alchemy - Difficulties and Dangers in its Pursuit Parabolanus
2 The Possibilities of Scientific Prophecy Sylvester Baxter
The Five Enemies Alexander Fullerton
Theosophy as a Guide in Life Anonymous
3 The Curse of Separateness J.W. Brodie-Innes
Mutual and Interdependent Action of Karma and Free Will Anonymous
Divine Heartache Gyanbhikshachan
4 "The Old Wisdom Religion", Now Called "Theosophy" J.D. Buck, M.D.
The Genius of Christendom and the Law of Christ Anonymous
5 Universal Brotherhood Alexander Fullerton
The Scientific Basis of Occultism Herbert Coryn
Practical Theosophy Anonymous
6 The Valley of the Quest A Pilgrim
Karma as a Cure for Trouble Anonymous
7 Theosophy and Modern Socialism J. Brailsford-Bright
Practical Work for Theosophists Annie Besant, F.T.S.
8 Theosophia, or Divine Wisdom Anonymous
Theosophy in Daily Life J. Campbell Ver Planck, F.T.S.
Lonely Musings Anonymous
9 What Theosophy and Its Society Should Be Camile Lemaître
Leaves fron Occult Philosophy E. Adams, F.T.S.
The Necessity for Reincarnation Anonymous
10 A Sketch of the Theosophic Organization Anonymous
11 What is Theosophy? Anonymous
Fraternitas Anonymous
An Open Letter to the Readers of "Lucifer" H.P. Blavatsky
12 The Life of a Christian Philosopher Franz Hartmann, M.D.
Spirituality Anonymous
13 Let Us Be Practical Annie Wolf (Em'ly)
A Glimpse Into Theosophy F.A. Brodie-Innes
Personalities Harij
What is Theosophy? H.A.V.
14 Acquired Habits A.I.R.
Psychometry and Thought-Transference Anonymous
15 Thought Transference Anonymous
Theosophy and the Present Age Anonymous, F.T.S.
A General View of Theosophy A.C.W.
A Privileged Letter "Hope"
16 Theosophy and Orthodoxy - Part 1 William Kingsland, F.T.S.
17 Theosophy and Orthodoxy - Part 2 William Kingsland, F.T.S.
Practical Hints for Theosophists Kate E. Mills, F.T.S.
Am I My Brother's Keeper? American Mystic
18 The Soul According to the Qabalah - Part 1 C. de Leiningen
The Soul According to the Qabalah - Part 2 C. de Leiningen
Sympathy Katharine Hillard