Volume 4 ::: 1891 to 1892

No. Article Title Article Author
1 Why is Theosophy True? W.G.W.
2 A Sketch of Theosophy Anonymous
Thoughts on Theosophy A.O., F.T.S.
3 Introduction on: "The Ancient Magic Crystal and Its Probable Connection to Mesmerism" Anonymous
The Ancient Magic Crystal and Its Probable Connection to Mesmerism Frederick Hockley
4 Topics in Reincarnation Alexander Fullerton, F.T.S.
5 The Ministry of Pain, the Meaning of Sorrow, and the Hope of the World J.D. Buck
A Blighting Curse J.D. Buch, F.T.S.
6 Marriage in the Mineral World E.A.W.
Theosophy in Home Life F.A. Brodie-Innes
Happiness E. Frances Williams, F.T.S.
7 The Kingdom of Light and the Secret of Love Franz Hartmann, F.T.S.
Evolution and the Monad Katharine Hillard
8 Eastern Psychology - The Missing Link Between Religion and Science G.R.S. Mead, F.T.S.
The Astral Plane in the Physical Plane Guymiot
Lonely Musings Anonymous
9 Alchemy in the Nineteenth Century H.P. Blavatsky
Initiation K.
10 Light from the East Speeches Olcott, Sinnett, Burrows, Keightley, Judge, Besant
11 True Science - Part 3 Clara J. Bloomfield Moore
About the Secret Doctrine of the Initiates Anonymous
12 Theosophy and Theosophical Christianity C.M., F.T.S.
A Fragment on the Requirements of a Theosophical Life Louise H. Off
Aspiration and Environment Ernest Hawthorn, F.T.S.
13 The Septenary Nature of Consciousness - Macrocosmic and Microcosmic A.L. Cleather, F.T.S.
Theosophy Allen Griffiths, F.T.S.
14 Karma and Sentiment Anonymous (Alexander Fullerton)
Karmic Suggestions Anonymous (Alexander Fullerton)
Karmic Perplexities Anonymous (Alexander Fullerton)
15 The Creation of Karma Anonymous (Alexander Fullerton)
Men Karmic Agents Alexander Fullerton
16 An Elementary Note on the Seven Principles J.W. Brodie-Innes, F.T.S.
17 The Mission of Theosophy William Kingsland
Illusion F.K., F.T.S.
The Magical Evocation of Apollonius of Tyana Eliphas Levi
18 A Glance at the Three First Races of Mankind Sapere Aude
The Gardener and His Pupils Ralph Lanesdale