Volume 5 ::: 1892 to 1893

No. Article Title Article Author
1 Wisdom in Mystery: Keely's Progress - Part 1 Clara Jessup Moore
The Connecting Link Between Mind and Matter: Keely's Progress - Part 2 Clara Jessup Moore
2 Theosophy and Art Reginald Machell, F.T.S.
Is the Buddha an Atheist? Ramsen Whitehouse
3 Spiritualism in Its Relation to Theosophy Emily Kislingbury, F.T.S.
Karma and Free-Will: An Elementary Study Emily Kislingbury, F.T.S.
4 Heaven and Hell Alice Leighton-Cleather, F.T.S.
Omar Khayyam Alice Leighton-Cleather, F.T.S.
5 The Secret Doctrine and the Higher Evolution of Man J.D. Buck
Notes on Theosophy and Education Bertram Keightley
Conduct Maurice Fredal
6 The Philosophy of Self-Knowledge Franz Hartmann
7 Theosophy and the Hebrew Scriptures Anonymous
The World's Crucified Saviors Jerome A. Anderson, M.D., F.T.S.
8 Public Speeches at the Second Annual Convention... Judge, Mead, Leiningen, Burrows, Besant
9 The World as Object and Subject Walter R. Old
Ethics of Theosophy Edward Ellis
A Beginner's Sorrows Ernest Hawthorn
10 Astral Bodies or Doppelgangers H.P. Blavatsky and Mabel Collins
The Mysteries of the After-Life H.P. Blavatsky
11 Faith By Science - The Dawn of a New Order of Things Clara Jessup Moore
A New Creed - Human and Humane Clara Jessup Moore
12 Man's Relation to the Phenomenal World... Oswald Murray
Doubts S.
13 Hermetic Philosophy P.W. Bullock
The Occultism of Southern India T. Subba Row
14 The Mystic Side of Christianity Emily Kislingbury
Christmas Peace Reverend George W. Allen
15 Theosophical Conceptions of Compassion and Human Affection C.M., F.T.S.
The Planetary Chain: A Study from the Secret Doctrine G.R.S. Mead, F.T.S.
16 Some Anomalies in the Biblical Views... Sapere Aude (likely William Wynn Westcott)
Reincarnation in Tibet Anonymous (H.P. Blavatsky)
17 and 18 Studies in Buddhism A.P. Sinnett