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A Theosophical Voice is a site created to make theosophical ideas from diverse people around the world to be heard. Through a forum, we will create exciting discussions regarding matters of the theosophical institution and its present issues.
We believe that the thoughts and opinions of each and everyone are important and are being heard in a forum and organization. In other venues where theosophy is talked about, the ideas and thoughts of the people are considered unnecessary, and they don’t get a chance to speak up. Here, we put a twist.
There are a lot of …

Theosophy Online Programs

A Guide to the Spirit World for Natives

Be with us as we guide you through the spirit world and realm. We will share our wisdom on the domain where divine helpers, spirit teachers, totems, and angels are.

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A Guide to the Spirit World for Natives

Dharma Meditation

The stillness of the mind and body also means a good rest for the soul, which is how theosophy communicates to the higher power. There is wisdom in a human body that is waiting to be unraveled. By Dharma meditation, you get to experience the beautiful mystery in you.

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Dharma Meditation

Planetary Healing Through Powerful Sounds

Do you know that there are power and healing in specific sounds? However, when there are soothing, positive sounds, there are also sounds that majorly influence you to have unhealthy thoughts.

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Planetary Healing Through Powerful Sounds

Frequently Asked Questions

1: What is the theosophical society composed of?

A: This society is composed of students from many religions. Some of its students also do not have specific religious beliefs. Their organization has an agreement that unites everyone. This society has branches and international headquarters all over the world.

2: What does theosophy mean?

A: Theosophy is a doctrine that holds a lot of wisdom on life mysteries, the universe, and divinity. It is filled with philosophy, traditions, and religious beliefs.

Latest Theosophy Articles

Jars of scented candles

Karma Candles by Lush- A Meditative Blend of Scents for Your Home

The Karma Candle by Lush, a top Canadian candle company, is more than just a candle. Well, it’s certainly not the karma you are used to. It’s an invitation to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in your home. It’s a unique blend of Brazilian orange and earthy patchouli and is undoubtedly a best-selling fragrance. In this article, we will explore the captivating scent profile of Karma Candles. You’ll learn about its aromatherapy benefits and how it reflects Lush’s …

Spiritual Awakening Through Vaping?

Vaping can have a calming effect on the mind. It could also lead you along a road of spiritual development. Keep reading to know more about how vaping e-juice could help you relax and maybe help you reach spiritual enlightenment.
Having a Genuine Spiritual Awakening
Many people are curious about spiritual awakening. It’s difficult to say whether you’ve ever had a similar experience. Every person’s journey is unique, however, there are a few common spiritual awakening signs.

The True Meaning of Karma

From being a foreign concept, Karma became mainstream in the west when the Theosophical Movement and Madame Blavatsky introduced it. People saw the truth of Karma and embraced it in their spiritual lives.
Not everyone gets the true notion of the Law of Karma; this spiritual teaching has often been misunderstood.
Law of Karma
Karma is the Law of Cause and Effect, Sequence and Consequence, and Action and Reaction. This law teaches us that an effect comes back to you in everything you do, as this is the universe’s way to balance and harmonize everything and everyone in it.
You are subject to …

The Theosophical Movement

The difference between the theosophical movement and the theosophical society is that the former has the universal, spiritual, ethical, and moral continuous effect that will last a lifetime.
On the other hand, the theosophical society is formed by organizations and bodies made by men. These organizations may have different participants from time to time, especially when alterations happen and men stick to dogmatism.
The theosophical movement has all the freedom compared to the theosophical societies. You can see its teachings being spread to nations for centuries. These movements welcome spiritual ideas no matter how they are…