Be with us as we guide you through the spirit world and realm. We will share our wisdom on the domain where divine helpers, spirit teachers, totems, and angels are.

You can feel them through energy when you desire, and you can be powerful with virtue when you let them serve and guide you. These spiritual guides are generous with their assistance, and they can be found in realms where their wisdom and vibration are present.

There are helpful spirits, but unwanted spirits in the material plane can sometimes overshadow a human being. Some symptoms will show this is happening.

Spirits can also influence the development of mental disorders and creativity and expertise. With all these mysteries, we aim to let our audience understand the spirit world we live in and how it can affect the house of your soul.

In our workshop, we will discuss how the native elders began and how the spirit world was discovered. This pertains to how the great spirit created energy.

We will also discuss in depth the angels, divine helpers, spirit guides, native elders, how their world looks like, and why they exist.

Here is a summary of what we will include in the program:

  • how to talk to a spirit guide and how to know you are connecting with them
  • how to stay focused with interference when connecting with the spirit world
  • where the spirit guides are
  • the spirit world realms
  • skills you will need to contact the spirit world
  • what languages the elders use for connecting with spirits
  • the beginning story of the creation of energy by the great spirit
  • the beginning story of the native elders and how they discovered the spirit world

Along with these exciting introductions to the world of the spirits, we will also share numerous beautiful stories about the ethereal world with the audience.