The stillness of the mind and body also means a good rest for the soul, which is how theosophy communicates to the higher power. There is wisdom in a human body that is waiting to be unraveled. By Dharma meditation, you get to experience the beautiful mystery in you.

Through what is called a monkey mind, you will be disturbed by your life matters that will inevitably visit your imagination. A lot is going on in your life right now, and you cannot think clearly. Your mind becomes preoccupied, and it will lead you to stress.

So, how do you genuinely meditate on your life purpose? How do you take control? Meditation through listening to the wisdom of your body is the answer.

There is a magical inner journey in this spiritual search of yours. Somewhere in your universe, there is a depth that’s out of reach from disturbance and turbulence. There are beauty, stillness, and peace in those hidden layers.

Just like an ocean, you have a lot of power within you. It may not be visible now on the surface, but in the depths, it creates and sustains a lot of life. You only need to stay in a calm state so that what is within will not be in turmoil.

Just like your body, mind, and soul, what is on the inside will reflect on the outside. If you cannot clean up within, you will produce toxicity holistically.

You will need the beautiful silence through meditation. This will get rid of the unhealthy attachments you have with your daily obstacles, responsibilities, fears, judgments, and habits and renew this toxic energy with the serene spirituality you need.

When it comes to meditation, do not limit yourself to what it can do to the mind. Instead, approach it where it reaches the body, just like Buddhists do it. Let us meditate together through the programs we have prepared for this organization.