1: What is the theosophical society composed of?

A: This society is composed of students from many religions. Some of its students also do not have specific religious beliefs. Their organization has an agreement that unites everyone. This society has branches and international headquarters all over the world.

2: What does theosophy mean?

A: Theosophy is a doctrine that holds a lot of wisdom on life mysteries, the universe, and divinity. It is filled with philosophy, traditions, and religious beliefs.

3: How do theosophists see the churches and religions?

Theosophy is not a religion. Instead, it believes that religions have different practices and beliefs because they were made in various times, places, and circumstances.

4: What are the theosophy doctrines?

A: Theosophy aims to promote unity. Therefore, it does not follow specific doctrines as it is filled with many beliefs from different religions, races, and ancients.

However, here are some fundamental beliefs that can be considered doctrines in theosophy:

  • animate and inanimate objects in the universe are all interconnected and related
  • everything has life and consciousness
  • we live in a multidimensional universe with planes not visible in the naked eye
  • physical matter, intelligence, and spirituality all evolve
  • humans have the power and abilities to develop themselves
  • reincarnation happens because the universe wants you to achieve your higher self and evolution