The Karma Candle by Lush, a top Canadian candle company, is more than just a candle. Well, it’s certainly not the karma you are used to. It’s an invitation to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in your home. It’s a unique blend of Brazilian orange and earthy patchouli and is undoubtedly a best-selling fragrance. In this article, we will explore the captivating scent profile of Karma Candles. You’ll learn about its aromatherapy benefits and how it reflects Lush’s commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

The Scent Profile

The Karma Candle boasts a harmonious combination of scents designed to relax and ground the senses. At the heart of this fragrance are the warm notes of Brazilian orange and the earthy tones of patchouli. These two essential oils come together to create a refreshing and calming scent.

Brazilian Orange

Brazilian orange oil is known for its uplifting and energizing effects. This scent can instantly lift your spirits, reduce stress and anxiety, and create a sense of well-being and positivity. So, as the Karma Candle burns, it releases this vibrant citrus aroma, filling your home with warmth and comfort.


Patchouli, on the other hand, is an essential oil with a rich, earthy aroma. Often used in meditation and relaxation practices, it provides grounding and balancing effects. Combined with the Brazilian orange in the Karma Candle, it adds depth to the fragrance and enhances the calming atmosphere.

Creating a Relaxing Atmosphere

The Karma Candle by Lush creates a cozy and free atmosphere in your home. It generally serves people that want to unwind after a long day, set the mood for a quiet evening with loved ones, or create a peaceful space for meditation and self-reflection. Its Brazilian orange and patchouli combination is a perfect blend to ground and relax your senses.

When you light the Karma Candle, the warm, inviting aroma fills your home, and you can almost hear the day’s stresses melting away. The scent evokes images of a spring evening, with the crispness of the citrus and the depth of the patchouli forming a beautiful balance. Frankly, the fragrance captures life’s beauty in a delightful aroma.

Aromatherapy and the Benefits of Essential Oils

Aromatherapy, the practice of using aromatic oils for therapeutic purposes, has existed for centuries. It’s a practice that boosts physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The essential oils in the Karma Candle – Brazilian orange and patchouli – have benefits in aromatherapy. Like vaping can influence spiritual awakening, aromatherapy has remarkable perks.

Brazilian Orange Essential Oil

This essential oil reduces anxiety, elevates mood, and provides an overall sense of calm. By doing this, it creates a cheerful atmosphere which is the purpose of aromatherapy.

Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli’s calming properties mitigate feelings of tension and promote a sense of balance and peace. This essential oil aids meditation to create a calm and focused environment.

When you burn the Karma Candle, you’re not only adding a beautiful fragrance to your home but also enjoying the perks of aromatherapy.

A Peek Into Lush’s Ethical and Sustainable Practices

Lush is famous for its commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainable production. This dedication is clearly reflected in the Karma Candle and its ingredients. From the selection of the essential oils to the packaging, every aspect of the Karma Candle is a testament to Lush’s core values.

Lush prioritizes using natural ingredients in its products, and the Karma Candle is no exception. The Brazilian orange and patchouli essential oils are derived from sustainable sources. Hence, producing these oils doesn’t harm the environment or the communities where they are grown.

Furthermore, Lush is a staunch advocate for animal rights and has a strict no-animal-testing policy. This commitment extends to the Karma Candle, which is vegan and cruelty-free. When you light a Karma Candle, you can enjoy the beautiful scent and calming atmosphere, knowing that no animals were harmed in making this product.

The packaging of the Karma Candle is also eco-friendly, designed with minimal waste in mind. Lush’s approach to packaging ensures that the product reaches you with little environmental impact.

Proper Candle Care and Safety For Karma Candles

A lady lighting a candle

Taking proper care of your Karma Candle will maximize its life and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Here are some tips to get the most out of your candle:

Trim the Wick

Before lighting your candle, trim the wick to about 1/4 inch. This will help the candle burn more evenly and prevent excessive smoke.

Burn Time

For the first time you light your Karma Candle, let it burn for at least 2-3 hours to allow the entire surface to melt. This will prevent the candle from tunneling and help it burn evenly in future uses.

Safe Placement

Place your candle on a stable, heat-resistant surface away from drafts, flammable materials, and children or pets.

Extinguish Properly

When you’re done enjoying your Karma Candle, use a candle snuffer or gently dip the wick into the melted wax to extinguish the flame. This prevents smoke and promotes a clean burn the next time you light it.

Store Correctly

Store your candle in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to preserve the fragrance and appearance.

Review and Feedback from Customers

The Karma Candle by Lush has become a favorite among customers, earning rave reviews for its enchanting scent and calming effects. From first-time buyers to long-time fans, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

From the reviews, you can tell that Karma Candle promotes calm and tranquility, a welcome respite from hectic and stressful activities. The positive reviews are a testament to the candle’s ability to create a serene atmosphere and the lasting impact of its captivating scent.

Other Products in Lush’s Karma Line

Lush’s famous Karma line has expanded beyond the original Karma Candle to include various products with the signature Karma scent.

Notably, Lush has introduced new karma candles made with soy wax, which provides a clean, even burn. These candles are hand-poured and incorporate similar technologies to ensure high-quality products.

The Karma line now features new scents that complement the original Brazilian orange and patchouli blend. Each product comes with detailed information about its ingredients and production process. Based in British Columbia, Lush continues to prioritize ethical and sustainable practices.

Whether you’re interested in the original Karma scent or eager to explore new scents in the line, Lush boasts a diverse range of products. Each item is carefully packaged in a beautifully designed box, making it a perfect gift for yourself or others.

The Takeaways

The unique Karma Candle by Lush is not just about fragrance; it’s an experience. Like the basics of theosophy, encourage open-mindedness, and be open to trying other incredible scents. It’s more relevant than ever as people seek products that promote calm and well-being. The price of the Karma Candle is justified by its quality and ethical production. First-time customers can easily access detailed product information and add it to their shopping cart for hassle-free checkout. Whether it’s your first order or one of many, the Karma Candle by Lush is a valuable addition to any home.

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