Do you know that there are power and healing in specific sounds? However, when there are soothing, positive sounds, there are also sounds that majorly influence you to have unhealthy thoughts.

Here, you will be acquainted more with positive sounds that will help you relax, reduce stress, release melatonin, and even lower blood pressure and heart rate. These sounds will contribute to your internal therapy and healing.

Different Types of Sound Therapy

Each sound therapy has its benefits, some have scientific explanations, and the others have beautiful testimonies.

1. Guided Meditation

You can participate in meditation with voiced instructions through classes, sessions, and videos or apps online. According to research, participating in guided meditation can offer numerous health benefits.

Some examples of these include reduced risks for stroke and heart disease, lower cholesterol, pain reduction, reduced anxiety and depression, as well as overall lower blood pressure.

2. Music Therapy for the Brain

Neurologic music therapy can make you feel more relaxed, thereby reducing stress. Testimonies also said this produced better effects than prescription drugs to reduce anxiety before surgery.

Backed by studies, music therapy for half an hour also reduced the pain brought about by spinal surgery. This is especially effective when given by professionals and experts.

Experts will help you manage pain through creating, listening, and singing to music. However, this does not prohibit you from moving to music either.

3. Bonny Method

This is a unique form of sound therapy, created by Helen L. Bonny, Ph.D., and was named after her. Based on a study, it was evident that these sessions improved one’s psychological and physiological health, especially those that involve medical and mental attention.

The imagery and music used in these sessions contribute to personal growth and transformation. These sound healing types only prove that healing can be done naturally and that there is a power even in your voice.

Keep posted as we will together witness the power of sound healing through our online programs.