Theosophy does not propose a single principle as this varies in religion. Therefore, you will see differences in insights and practices from different authors.

Because of these loud contradictions, students are divided as they choose the author they believe in, and they create feuds with whoever opposes their beliefs. Theosophy aims to unite, not divide.

Therefore, the theosophy’s culture has developed over the years is not what it always wanted as it now creates dogma. Theosophy is about being open-minded about the different beliefs there are, as it knows that humans can own ideas that differ from others’ all the time.

Theosophy also hopes that its practitioners and believers will have a more open mind to accept and respect new evidence that leads to revisions.

Just like science that does not stop looking for new facts and discoveries that may correct the previous studies, theosophy also embraces change as its constant.

This study encourages its students to rely more on facts and not limit their understanding with the beliefs and opinions of the authors they are solely relying upon. A dogmatist becomes one when he gives full authority to the author to guide him through this journey.

With all these differences, a healthy debate is encouraged, with, of course, the presence of integrity and fairness. However, the past discussions had more emotions in the air rather than facts, proving how the students embrace their human nature more.

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