The difference between the theosophical movement and the theosophical society is that the former has the universal, spiritual, ethical, and moral continuous effect that will last a lifetime.

On the other hand, the theosophical society is formed by organizations and bodies made by men. These organizations may have different participants from time to time, especially when alterations happen and men stick to dogmatism.

The theosophical movement has all the freedom compared to the theosophical societies. You can see its teachings being spread to nations for centuries. These movements welcome spiritual ideas no matter how they are opposed to each other.

Theosophical movement involves philosophies on religious concepts, new thought, spiritualism, and interfaith activities. These spiritual concepts include practices and beliefs like yoga, karma, reincarnation, and cremation.

Society is sometimes mistakenly portrayed as all that theosophy is. Little did they know that strains occurred to people because of these organizations’ divisions. As societies are not eternal, worshippers struggle to last for centuries; they would fight for their one-sided beliefs so that their organization lasts.

With that said, the theosophical movement aims to have the same purpose of ethics and teachings, no matter what they are. Society always divides, while the movement always unites.

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