From being a foreign concept, Karma became mainstream in the west when the Theosophical Movement and Madame Blavatsky introduced it. People saw the truth of Karma and embraced it in their spiritual lives.

Not everyone gets the true notion of the Law of Karma; this spiritual teaching has often been misunderstood.

Law of Karma

Karma is the Law of Cause and Effect, Sequence and Consequence, and Action and Reaction. This law teaches us that an effect comes back to you in everything you do, as this is the universe’s way to balance and harmonize everything and everyone in it.

You are subject to the Law of Karma if you are a self-conscious being. Karma is the ultimate law of the universe. You create your destiny through the Law of Karma.

Escaping it means creating more of it for yourself. When you run from the consequences of your actions, you create cosmic imbalance, and Karma will always set things right. It is not one-sided; it hears both sides.

Just because you condemn someone does not mean that Karma will chase them because of you. If they did you poorly, the cosmic would do their spell.

Lastly, what’s impressive about Karma is it will be around until it has done what it was supposed to do to you. It can be around for lifetimes through reincarnation. It will do its unfinished duty from your previous one in your next lifetime.

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