Many people do not know yet that there is something greater in them that can be manifested if they want to and if they know how to do so.

Everyone has a higher self that they can reach. These mysteries can be solved through a body of knowledge that informs us of the theories and practices that will let us achieve a higher quality of life through peace, wisdom, and happiness.

You can call it in its many forms, such as perennial philosophy, wisdom tradition, or ancient wisdom. However, it’s still most widely known as “theosophy.”

Theosophy is an ancient wisdom that has the etymology “divine wisdom.” It answers many of the most common and complex questions, such as how the universe began and why you exist.

It tells us that regardless of how reliable and factual science is, there are still events or phenomena that cannot be visibly seen or explained. The theories that theosophy has to uncover a lot of our deep curiosity about life.

Theosophy aims to unite people through fellowship, regardless of the differences in beliefs. It aspires to bring people together through its activities such as service, study, and meditation. It sees to it that the world is spiritually aligned, united, and informed.

The Beliefs of the Theosophists

Theosophists believe that their success will come when people become united, despite their differences, especially in terms of color, sex, creed, or race.

They trust that theosophy will encourage a healthy comparison of scientific facts, philosophy, and religion. They also seek explanations for unexplained laws of nature.

To become one of them, you need to form a brotherhood with each of them, regardless of any distinction. You will also need to be open enough to the differences between science and religion, as well as be willing to seek more answers about humanity and nature.

The Theosophical Literature

The literature of theosophy also offers many terrific ideas. Some of them include the following:

  • There is an eternal reality behind everything seen and unseen.
  • This is not the first universe we had. There had been previous ones who also dissolved as their time came to rest. The universe manifests itself repeatedly over time.
  • There are invisible dimensions and planes in the universe. What we see is only the tip of the iceberg.
  • Reincarnation exists because of Karma. Every cause has its effect, and the result returns to the doer of the actions. If it does not complete its course in one lifetime, reincarnation happens to complete it.
  • The universe has a purpose, and that is to evolve itself and the life around it. Every living being, as well as nature, becomes more expressive, aware, and conscious. Its purpose is also to evolve to its higher self, a higher universe spiritually.

How Theosophy Views the World

Theosophy believes that everything in the universe is related and dependent on each other. Every living being is valuable to theosophy. This is why this embraces compassion and sympathy for everyone and promotes the unity of all races, nationalities, and religions.

How Theosophy Started

A Russian woman named Helena Blavatsky founded theosophy, along with the other individuals who were curious about the wonders of ancient wisdom. Blavatsky traveled the world and carried with her all the spiritual learnings she got from the different parts of the world.